Nexus Defiles the Defiler, Now 13/13 Mythic!

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Have what it takes to be a Nexun?

  • Researchers publish report examining whether or not this is heroic. Results are inconclusive.
  • Study shows that Nexuns are 20% more attractive than the average World of Warcraft player.
  • Stayblind still M.I.A. - Authorities have continued to be unsuccessful searching for the missing Rogue.
  • Saxbang and Secular expecting first child! - The pair were both spotted at Lamaze classes.
  • Part 7 of World of Warcraft fanfic writer Skyfire's ongoing series leaked online. Is said to depict graphic scene of Nexuns torturing helpless puppies.
  • Main tanks for Nexus, Chubbyknight and Deshraka switch classes for Legion to Paladin and Druid respectively.
  • Study shows increasing raid break times to ten minutes may lead to a higher risk of diabetes and heart disease.

Nexus Marches into the Broken Isles August 30th!